10 Timeless TV Shows That Are Basically Unwatchable Now

Photo: NBC (Getty)

As it turns out, Clarissa can’t explain it all and saluting your shorts is anti-American. However great the nostalgia factor, some of your favorite timeless TV shows have become basically unwatchable with the times. With enough advancements in CGI, scriptwriting and any other myriad of real-life actor flaws, shows you once deemed irreplaceable have eventually been replaced, rebooted or have gone out with Hammer pants. You wouldn’t know it without looking, but that’s why we’re here.

Check out these timeless TV shows (that you can always binge-watch them) that are beginning to bomb the test of time, but you must heed our warning: This may be soul-crushing excavation, but you should watch them anyway. And make sure your boss doesn’t catch you watching them!

10 Timeless TV Shows That Are Basically Unwatchable Now

But hey, sure, they might make you completely cringe, but something tells us your favorite shows will do the same 30 years from now, so I expect to find myself watching the shows I love while I’m hating everyone in the senior citizen home my awful kids have put me in.

*Continues watching Friends reruns*

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