Comedian Interviews New Yorkers About Upcoming Presidential Election Using Ridiculously Long Boompole

Move over Billy Eichner? Not necessarily. But don’t take that as anything less than a ringing endorsement. All we’re saying is why can’t there be room for two jocular dudes running up to strangers and shoving microphones in their faces for comedic effect?

Comedian Luke Mones (@LukeMones) is certainly not shy when it comes to the craft of interviewing people he’s never met. The locales he chooses for said interviews certainly don’t hurt his cause, either, as he generally goes straight to the source of weirdos and the obliviously self-absorbed alike by hitting up such venues as stamp conventions, electric music festivals, and even a Bernie Sanders rally for good measure to make us laugh. His latest romp through New York City to gauge the climate of the upcoming presidential election on November 8th is another instant masterpiece in awkwardness, as seen in the video below:

Boompole Guy: Election Day

Did we mention Luke uses a boom mic instead of a regular microphone to interview his unsuspecting victims, because that’s certainly worth noting. In fact, it’s kind of the funniest part. Here’s one more absurd interview for the road:

Boompole Guy: A Day in the Park

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