This Gamer Actually Got Haunted By Some Creepy As All Hell Poltergeist During A Live Stream

Now there will be plenty of folks who will think this is fake, but let’s hope it is because this was actually super creepy to watch. And if it is real, let’s hope someone has set fire to that apartment by now.

Now that Halloween is over and you’re struggling to get through the last of the horror films that might be too terrifying to finish, as well as the spooky photos that will convince you ghosts exists, I think it is about time we check out this disturbing video.

A YouTube vlogger and live streamer who calls himself “Rubzy” was pet sitting for his friend and live streaming when all of a sudden a lot of freaky things started to happen. “…The other night I was petsitting for my friend, and lots of weird things happened. It’s all been captured on camera,” Rubzy explains.

Check out the video below:

“I talked to my friend about it and he’s never had any of these things happen before,” Rubzy said. “He seemed genuinely concerned. We checked the whole area of wires and cameras and there was nothing.”

Chances are this video is just a great prank set up by Rubzy himself, and if it is it is pretty damn convincing if you ask me. I also have my doubts because in a real situation a person would have been hauling ass at the first sign of a haunting.


h/t Viral Thread

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