Video: Couple Attacked By Crocodile In Hotel Pool, Guy Completely Bails On Woman

Well damn, now the idiot who decided to wrestle a panda to impress two women looks better after watching this video of a guy getting the hell out of a pool and leaving his lady-friend behind.

Listen, if you’re brave enough to get into a hotel pool, you’re going to have to be ready for anything. Sure, anytime you stay at a hotel the worse you can expect is bed bugs or no ice or some life-ending disease from the pool, but something tells me the last thing on anyone’s mind is to be confronted by some crocodile that just happened to want to take a swim in that same pool. Well, that is exactly what happened to one couple staying at hotel in Kariba, Zimbabwe.

Take a look at how brave the guy was in this situation:

Notice how quickly that dude bailed on this woman, although you can’t really blame him as the first thing anyone would do when put in this situation is to get the hell out of there. And he did return to assist his woman, although by then she had already suffered several bites to her lower leg, according to Daily Mail.

The good thing is that both people managed to get out of there with their lives, but the bad news is that that dude probably got dumped that night. Now when that woman’s next date ask her why her last relationship failed she can simply say “he left me to fight a crocodile on my own.”

You know, that makes for an awesome story.

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