Exclusive Preview | ‘Harley Quinn’ # 7

In the DC Rebirth era, Harley Quinn is more of a heroine than ever, but that doesn’t mean that she’s entirely over the Joker!

For the last two issues, Harley has been undercover as a punk rocker as she attempted to get closer to gang of thieves that struck someone…relatively close to her. But not as close as the Joker. One of the leading singers of the band Purple Satan is in possession of a bar of soak that her beloved “Mistah J” once gave her back in Arkham Asylum. And she won’t rest until she gets it back!

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Harley Quinn # 7, writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are joined by artist John Timms and colorist Alex Sinclair as they send Harley deeper into a twisted underground club populated by fans cosplaying as their favorite heroes and heroines in the DC U. Meanwhile, Red Tool, Big Tony, Egg Fu make a somewhat disturbing discovery of their own… We’re not sure we want to ask why and how a certain someone ended up in a closet. In fact, pretend that you didn’t see that!

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Here’s what DC had to say about the issue:

“EAT TO THIS BEAT part 3! Harley’s punk-rock epic concludes with her and her bandmates in way too deep on their undercover mission to take down a brutal gang of thieves and murderers!”

Harley Quinn # 7 will be released on Wednesday, November 2 in comic stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics