‘Working With Jigsaw’ Would Be A Living Nightmare

Anyone who has seen the Saw films knows that Jigsaw can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Or whatever random body part of yours that he has chained up. So you can imagine what it’s like working a nine to five job with the guy. Not only will you be living in constant fear, but you’ll likely not be able to get much work done. That’s essentially the long and short of the following video from Chris Capel. If you thought sharing a living space with Jigsaw was a bit much, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Working With Jigsaw Would Be A Living Nightmare

That was way more excruciating than even Saw VII. If it came down to working with Jigsaw and suffering through another 3D sequel, the choice wouldn’t be all that difficult to make.

h/t Ruin My Week

Whether you agree with his methods or not, the dude gets results: Which Of These Classic Horror Movie Villains Has The Highest Body Count?


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