Let’s All Take A Look Back At The Worst ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Ever

We don’t talk a lot about game shows on here, and when we do it is usually to highlight things you don’t see everyday — like Alex Trebek completing destroying a woman with one comment. Or, to see the woman with the most annoying voice on Jeopardy! Well, it seems like we talk a lot about Jeopardy!, but hey, this time around we want to remind you the time Wheel of Fortune had what is to this day the worst contestant ever. And it even has a nice plot twist at the end.

Julian Batt, a freshman at Indiana University, actually missed out on winning one million dollars because he couldn’t pronounce the word “achilles.” Batt then went on to assume a word in the puzzle was “car,” when the topic was “person.” He gets worse: Batt then created his own word: “Dicespin.” What the hell is that? The word was “decision,” and this dude just created a word and tried to pull a fast one on Pat Sajak. Sajak doesn’t have time for this shit, Julian.

Take a look at the classic and hilarious video below:

And here where it gets crazy: Even after all those dumb moves Batt still won the show and took home $11,700 and a trip to the Dominican Republic.

“Social media and the media, they’re going to say what they’re going to say,” Batts said. ‘They have their opinions. But at the end of the day, look at the end result. I won the show. I was the champion of the episode. Despite what happened in between, if you look at what happened, I still won.”

We will never forget you, Batts. May your ignorance live on forever.

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