TV Reporter Accidentally Exposes Martial Arts ‘Expert’ As A Complete And Total Fraud

I don’t know many people that still watch news programs, as we mostly get our news from the internet and Twitter these days. Oh, and anything else is filled in by Saturday Night Live. But lately there have been some gems that the old picture box has been producing — like those reporters that completely lost their shit at a hilarious story about clowns involved in a car crash. And the same can be said about a news anchor not being able to get through a story about a guy who lived as a goat because she was too busy laughing. And the video below is just another gem, this time it involves one reporter exposing a fraud.

A TV reporter from Sunrise was interviewing a guy who is supposed to be a martial arts “master.” But all he turned out to be was a tool wearing a colorful belt. This dude was just karate chopping what were supposed to be solid blocks. That is until the reporter stepped in to show everyone just how “solid” these blocks were. Check out how everything played out on live TV:

So either that reporter is also a martial arts “master” or that other dude is a fake. Let’s go with the latter, especially since this “master” makes sure to tell the host not to touch the bricks again. Great save, karate master.

Hell, pretty sure this guy is more of a karate master:


h/t Mirror

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