Man Attacks Woman, Good Citizen Comes Out Of No Where And Knocks The Hell Out Of Him

We sure love seeing karma in action — that’s why we really enjoyed seeing this idiot take a mouthful of cement when she thought it would be a good idea to slap a police horse. And that is why we also enjoyed watching this bully get a beatdown after he tried to pick on a kid much smaller than him. The point is, watching instant karma unfold should bring a smile to everyone’s face. And that is what occurred in the video below.

The video below shows two women waiting and talking at what appears to be a bus stop. That is when the one woman wearing a hood is knocked out by a total tool that comes out of nowhere. The woman’s friend makes a run for it (as we can only hope is to get help), and the man prepares to attack some more. And that is when this good citizen comes to the rescue.

No word yet if this was just a crazy dude or an ex-boyfriend or what have you, the point is it doesn’t matter, as this dude got just what he deserved when a right hook connected with his face. Not only did he knock that poor woman out but she lost her coffee in the process. And if that coffee was from Starbucks she just lost like $12. Give or take.

Always nice to see that there are people out there willing to be the right hook of justice.

h/t Bro Bible

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