This ‘Stranger Things’ & ‘Round The Twist’ Mashup Is Perfection

The internet has struck again, this time combining an old favourite with a new one in a way that’s so bloody obvious you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it first.

This time, the folk at Netflix have combined the opening sequence of their series Stranger Things with the opening from ’90s kids classic Round The Twist, and the result is mashup perfection.

Of course, those familiar with the Stranger Things will find it hard to laugh off the awful and gut-wrenching experience those poor, poor children went through, but it’s pretty funny to consider how Mike Wheeler and the gang would handle, say, a haunted scarecrow or perhaps a skeleton in the dunny.

Considering how goddamn annoying Bronson always was in Round The Twist, it’s also pleasurable to think about him lost in The Upside Down forever.

There is a noticeable absence of Will Byers’ older brother Jonathan in the mashup too, but Netflix, strangely enough, has addressed this directly, explaining, “He was way too moody, totally wrong vibe.”

Fair enough.

Watch: ‘Round The Twist’ & ‘Stranger Things’ Mashup.