Something That Has a 1 In 8,000 Odds Of Happening Just Happened On ‘The Price Is Right’ And People Lost Their Mind

If you’re still reeling from hearing Alex Trebek deliver a brutal takedown to one of his contestants, or if you’d rather never again listen to the woman who appeared on his show who just happened to have the most annoying voice on the planet, it’s time then to take it on over to another gameshow: The Price Is Right.

So what occurred that made all those eager folks with brightly colored shirts go wild? Well, during the Showcase Showdown each of the three contestants all got a $1.00. That’s right: Back-to-back-to-back spins. And they each needed two spins to make it more crazy. Check out the video below of middle-aged people going nuts:

So what happened in this case? Well, each contestant was awarded $1,000 and was given a bonus spin to determine who would advance.

And the old dude in the rad yellow shirt with a bunch of grandkids pulled it off. My man Manfred even went on to win a cruise and a car. The dude was on fire. Hell, this makes me want to go on that show and incorrectly bid on a stove and an ugly dresser. I’m super pumped!

Also, is it just me or is Drew Carey dying on the inside?

h/t Bro Bible

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