‘Bad Lip Reading’ Finally Took On The Presidential Debate And It’s Obviously Better Than What Actually Happened

Bad Lip Reading continues to produce gem after gem for their audience, especially when they tackle anything political, as debates are usually filled with nonsense to begin with, so they just add more nonsense on top of it. And this time around? This time around is no different, and boy, this couldn’t have been more perfect.

The folks at BLR took on the very first presidential debate between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and it was filled with so many different absurd things that you can’t help but laugh. And yet these two sounds way smarter than they’ve ever sounded.

So while we’ve seen BLR take on the Democratic National Convention, as well as Ted Cruz, take a look at their newest gem below:

If you didn’t watch the presidential debate at all and you saw this, you would just assume this is what actually happened, and no one would blame you at all. The way this election season has gone and all the insane things that have been said, this video would actually not be so surprising if it was real.

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