A Woman Is Claiming She Just Captured The Most Famous Graffiti Artist Banksy On Camera

While there are tons of underground artists you should be on the lookout for, and even more great street artists that aren’t Banksy, the fact still remains that Banksy is still the most popular street and graffiti artist on the planet, and even people still don’t know his identity. Until now. We think.

A clip taken from an alley in Melbourne, Australia by YouTube user Mia S, appears to show a man working on what looks like a legit Banksy mural. The woman obviously gets excited and follows the mysterious man, only to catch a glimpse of a dude wearing glasses and a hoodie, before he makes his escape. Check out the bizarre video below:

Now of course this may be a really shitty prank started by Mia, or perhaps an imposter, but nevertheless it has started people talking and wondering if this is indeed the first time the world’s seen the face of Banksy. The Art of Banksy exhibition does opens up in Melbourne this month , so it would make sense that he would be in Australia. The plot thicken, folks. Or not.

This little clip has gone viral, with major news sites picking it up. If it is Banksy, he doesn’t exactly look like someone we expected, as he looks more like someone who criticizes every Marvel movie ever made.

What do you think? Is this Banksy?

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