Shirtless Idiot Attempts To Fight Bouncer, Pays The Price

Most fights involve an exchange of blows, be they verbal or, in this case, fisticuffs. However, Cory (not to be confused with the shirted non-idiot writing this article) didn’t seem to get the memo on the whole “exchange” aspect of fighting. He paid dearly for that. This was all due to being kicked out of a bar and demanding satisfaction, so to speak. Well, if it was the satisfaction of seeing a grown, shirtless idiot getting clocked for being an obnoxious piece of human garbage, then consider the following video satisfaction guaranteed.

Shirtless Idiot Fights Bouncer

As you can see, it takes a lot more than drunken courage to win a boxing match. Size doesn’t hurt either, which is also information the poor fool in the video above could have used to his advantage. Then again, this looked like a pretty one-sided fight from the get-go. The bouncer even gave him several chances to realize what he was about to attempt to do was a bad idea.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper street brawl knockout video without someone yelling “WorldStar” at the end. Well done, bystanders. Well done.

h/t The LAD Bible

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