Dad Finds Daughter In Car With Boy, Destroys Her Car With Skid-Steer Loader

Obviously the most important question here is, “Did she get her Taylor Swift CDs out of the car before her dad went all King Kong on it?”

Ask one person, and they’ll tell you the red Audi in the video below belonged to a pissed-off father who caught his daughter in it with somebody who wasn’t supposed to be there. Ask another person, and they’ll tell you that the true owner of the car is a pregnant girl who bought it from her brother, and their father crushed it to shit after he witnessed her display of “ignorant driving.”

Ask us, and we’ll give you the ol’, “Who gives a shit? It’s gone.”

Regardless of who owns the car, I guess the best way to describe it now is that he or she used to own it because a North Carolina man named Mike Card jumped in his skid-steer loader last week and absolutely destroyed it.

Even worse news for the daughter who used to drive that car? You guessed it: There are no givesies backsies when it comes to “World’s Greatest Dad” T-shirts.

h/t Express

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