10 Actors With Extremely Distinguishable Traits

When it comes to acting, you want to make yourself stand apart from the herd. These actors, with their extremely distinguishable traits, have done just that, so much so we can barely watch a movie without having these strange quirks in our binge-heavy lives.

The Seth Rogen Laugh

Though the characters may change, the laugh never does. There’s something about that Seth Rogen laugh that just screams “stoned muppet,” and that alone we can’t stop laughing at.

The Tom Cruise Sprint
10 Actors With Extremely Distinguishable Traits
Not only does this guy know how to age gracefully, he knows how to run like an Olympic athlete, despite being over the age of 50. See any Tom Cruise movie and see the classic Tom Cruise run, never wavering in its intensity and impressiveness. There is nothing cruisey about that jog, practically karate chopping with every flick of the elbow.

The Bruce Willis One Liner With Cheese
10 Actors With Extremely Distinguishable Traits
From the yippee-ki-yays to another mid-action catchphrase, Bruce Willis knows how to perfectly bake an action sequence with cheesy comedy. It has become such a running joke that he even gets roles basically making fun of the way he does it, like in the recent “Rock the Kasbah.”

The Nicolas Cage Bad Hair Day
10 Actors With Extremely Distinguishable Traits
Up there with the John Travoltas of the world, Nic Cage’s terrible hairstyles have a role of their own in movies: being just awful. We’re not sure if it’s his real hair, but then again, who would ever get fake hair that looks that bad.

The Jennifer Aniston Hard Nip
10 Actors With Extremely Distinguishable Traits
There really isn’t much we need to say about this, other than it’s fan-freaking-tastic.

The Larry David Staredown
10 Actors With Extremely Distinguishable Traits
No season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is complete without the classic Larry David staredown. It’s the ultimate human lie detector test.

The Adrien Brody Award-Winning Nose
10 Actors With Extremely Distinguishable Traits
Adrien’s Academy Award-winning nose for “The Pianist” made him the youngest man with a golden statue. But just because he hasn’t won more of those prestigious honors in the last 13 years doesn’t mean his nose has let up at all. That schnoz has never been bigger or stronger, and with a new production company and a number of big changes on the way, he’s going to need it to sniff out his next big move.

The Sean Connery Speech Impediment

Never mind his speech, how about his stance on hitting women! Connery has, quite possibly, the most distinguished speech for an actor, outside of Arnold, who is pretty much speaking his own language.

The Christopher Walken Talk

We take that back. Christopher Walken has the most impersonated voice in the acting community. It’s not so much his dialect or his native tongue, but just the uniqueness of where he pauses with his words. And his inflections matched with the facial expression are just tops.

The Magnum Mustache
10 Actors With Extremely Distinguishable Traits
Tom Selleck might have been hiding his erection all those years on “Magnum P.I.,” but he’s also rocking one impressive stache. As opposed to the most pathetic celebrity men mustaches, people like Selleck and Burt Reynolds need their lip hair to separate the mighty from the weak.