The 12 Most Insane Conspiracy Theories YouTube Users Actually Believe

Believe it or not, everything on the internet isn’t true — I know, it came as a shock to me as well. Typing just about anything into YouTube’s search bar will result in at least a few videos by a possibly crazy person claiming they know “THE TRUTH” about it. There are some truly bizarre ones, but these might be the most unbelievable of all. The most disturbing part is that, by the looks of it, lots of people agree with them. Yikes.

1. The Illuminati sacrificed Robin Williams to Satan for money.

One of their points of “proof” is that, on the same day of Robin Williams’ death, there was a scene on “Family Guy” that featured Robin Williams taking about his depression. They call it predictive programming, and it’s the idea that so many people are involved in these conspiracies that they can put something in a show to make the general public used to the idea so they’re not as shocked when the Illuminati executes their plan.

2. Justin Bieber is a shape-shifting reptilian.
most insane conspiracy theories youtube users actually believe, crazy conspiracy theories, justin bieber reptilian
Not only do they believe he’s secretly a lizard man, they claim to have proof of his reptilian ways in the form of a photo where his eyes are somewhat blurry. And since none of us have ever had that happen, the only logical explanation is that he is a secret reptile. Hey, as long as he keeps putting out albums like his last one, I don’t care what sort of amphibian creature he’s pretending not to be.

3. Obama had Joan Rivers killed because she made fun of him and his wife.

Never mind the fact that Joan Rivers was an 81-year-old woman; the REAL reason she died was because Obama. That’s right, Obama was upset that Joan Rivers called him gay and said Michelle Obama was a man. TWO MONTHS prior, and had her taken out. That sure is a slow response time. Also, no other comedian has ever made fun of a president or politician, so this must be what happened.

4. Paul McCartney died and was replaced by a doppelgänger.
most insane conspiracy theories youtube users actually believe, crazy conspiracy theories, paul mccartney doppelganger
The Paul McCartney you see now is not really Paul McCartney. The real one died in 1966 in a car accident and was replaced with someone — or something — that looks like him. Some believe he was replaced by a man named Billy Shears, whose name is referenced in Sgt. Pepper. This video pushes it a little further, and suggests that McCartney was replaced by the Reptilian Villain Conspiracy. You know, the one that believes reptilians pose as humans and secretly run the world.

5. Gucci Mane was ALSO replaced by a clone.

Yet ANOTHER thing that Paul McCartney and Gucci Mane have in common is that they both died and were replaced by someone else. While McCartney was subbed out for a look-alike, a bit more technology was used for faux Gucci Mane, as a clone replaced him. That’s right, we have the ability to clone humans, but we only use it for moderately famous rappers. Sorry, everyone else!

6. The Earth is flat.
most insane conspiracy theories youtube users actually believe, crazy conspiracy theories, flat earth
Sorry everyone, the earth is actually flat. That’s right, NASA, the government, your teachers and the Illuminati decided to trick you and tell you it was round. What’s the point of telling you it’s round instead of flat? WHO KNOWS? But the important thing is that B.O.B. and the guy that made this video finally revealed the truth.

7. Kimbo Slice was killed by the Illuminati as a sacrifice to the devil.

Why exactly would the death of an aging MMA fighter who got his start by posting street fights on the internet warrant an Illuminati conspiracy? Because he died on June 6, 2016. 6-6-6! They did it for the devil! Here you go, Satan! We present to you Kimbo Slice!

8. The Illuminati killed Muhammad Ali for Ramadan.
most insane conspiracy theories youtube users actually believe, crazy conspiracy theories, muhammad ali
This one may be the most ridiculous of them all, and that’s really saying something. Muhammad Ali had been in very poor health for years, so you’d think the Illuminati would have acted on their assassination earlier. Instead, they waited until he could barely get around or communicate to strike. Makes perfect sense!

9. Pokémon Go is a government surveillance app.

The GPS app is a global phenomenon, but that’s only because the government is using it to track our locations. Mind you, we already have cell phones that we carry with us everywhere we go, but the government wasn’t tracking us with those. Instead, they waited until you were wandering around the mall looking for a Charmander. Seriously, why would they need to wait on a game to be able to tell where you are? Don’t you ruin Pokémon Go for me, internet!

10. Michael Jackson faked his death and is still alive.
most insane conspiracy theories youtube users actually believe, crazy conspiracy theories, michael jackson hollywood star
If an iconic celebrity dies, you’d better believe there’s a conspiracy about how they faked their own death and are now roaming the earth in secrecy. I mean, he was pretty much hidden from the world as it was, so what would be the point of pretending to die? Just wait until you see the clip of when they “spotted” him on camera. DEFINITIVE PROOF!

11. Vince McMahon killed The Ultimate Warrior as a blood sacrifice.

If there’s one celebrity profession that’s known to have a shorter life cycle than others it’s certainly professional wrestlers. Their bodies take an absolute pounding and a lot of them used performance-enhancing substances that did plenty of damage to their hearts. I’m certainly not accusing Warrior of substance abuse, but to suggest that a retired wrestler who was out of the spotlight except for his Hall of Fame induction was killed as a blood sacrifice is quite silly.

12. Honey Boo Boo is a satanic Illuminati reptile/human hybrid offspring from space.
most insane conspiracy theories youtube users actually believe, crazy conspiracy theories, honey boo boo
I think that’s just about enough internet for today. Bye!