Canadian Broadcaster Totally Botches Call As Michael Phelps Wins Another Gold Medal

It was a truly historical and magical moment at the Rio 2016 Olympics Games last night, as legendary American swimmer Michael Phelps won his 22nd gold medal by defeating the competition in the 200-meter individual medley.

As I watched the race unfold live at the Visa VIP Lounge with four Olympians and roughly 250 of Chicago’s finest, we were going crazy as Phelps was in charge or close to it for the majority of the race, and as he began to pull away down the stretch, the entire place erupted in unison with a “USA! USA! USA!” chant.

However, Phelps fans watching in Canada probably weren’t as jubilant about the finish as their American counterparts thanks to CBC broadcaster Elliotte Friedman totally blowing the call, as he thought Ryan Lochte was Phelps and Phelps was Lochte.

Here’s how it played out north of the border:

All right. Let’s take it from the top. Take two, everyone. Oh wait. That was live? Damn.

Hey, at that point, there’s nothing you can do but totally own up to the fact that you dicked up and apologize, and to his credit, that’s exactly what Friedman did on air and on Twitter:

h/t Yahoo! Sports

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