Michael Phelps’ Death Stare Just Became Everyone’s Favorite Meme

If you weren’t watching the Olympics last night, you missed what has everyone buzzing today: Michael Phelps’ earth-shattering death stare.

While Phelps and the other swimmers were preparing for the men’s 200 meter butterfly semifinals event, the greatest swimmer ever was caught making the most pissed off face you can make. This was made even better by the fact that the swimmer who beat him in the 2012 London Olympics, South Africa’s Chad Le Clos, was just shadow boxing and dancing right in front of him.

And boy, Phelps wasn’t having any of his shit, staring at him like there’s no tomorrow. And of course, people ran with it and had the most hilarious reactions. Check out the best #PhelpsFace reactions below:

For the record, Phelps took second in the qualifier and le Clos came in third. Can’t wait for the finals.

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