Tony Toutouni’s Wildest Instagram Photos of 2015

Tony Toutouni is a rich dude who happens to take a lot of wild Instagram photos. So wild, we thought we’d take a look back at one of the self-proclaimed “kings” of Instagram (his friend Dan Bilzerian being the other) and his craziest photos, posted through his @lunatic_living account in 2015. (Also, if you have access to any songs by Miami rap group 2 Live Crew while viewing these images, they will spice up the viewing experience of this article, bar none.)

Dude keeps his sexy Babes on leashes.

Sleeping with his one true love: money.


I only sleep like a baby when she’s with me #truelove #loyal #bae #relationshipgoals

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Tony’s golf game is top secret.


Golfing #tee

A photo posted by Tony (@lunatic_living) on

Motorcycle riding: backyard mansion style.


I think I’m going to go motorcycle shopping today #shopping #famousfinger #rideordiechick #hoespowered

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Floors “dirty” with money need to be cleaned up by hot models, of course (if you look closely, you can peep The Weeknd in the background).


When ur floors are dirty just use a top notch vacuum cleaner

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Butt injections seem a bit more cumbersome with the jeans on, don’t cha think?

Tony stayed classy with his middle finger up during a Highway Patrol stop this year.

Butler, we envy your job (and all you have to clean up).


Girls are always running around trying to catch my cock #rooster

A photo posted by Tony (@lunatic_living) on

This is Rolls-Royce yoga, Toutouni style.


Gym memberships are too expensive so I work out from home #CityView #Yoga #Meditation

A photo posted by Tony (@lunatic_living) on

First class sure has changed over the years.

I should get a room with a view next time.


There is a water show between every woman’s legs turned on by the right man

A photo posted by Tony (@lunatic_living) on

Just a typical day out in the sun.

Sometimes you need to appreciate the night sky.


It’s not my job to expose them, in due time they expose themselves

A photo posted by Tony (@lunatic_living) on

Well that’s one way to bond.


Double tap Ur favorite ass then scratch and sniff without breaking Ur phone #Mondaychallenge

A photo posted by Tony (@lunatic_living) on

So many wins, y’all.

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