How To Open a Master Lock With a Plastic Zip Tie

Heading to a gym soon? Well, you may want to change locks after seeing how vulnerable your keyed lock is to being picked. Since you’ll have more reasons to sweat … with nervousness.

In a clip which has garnered over one million views, YouTube user “bosnianbill” reveals how simple it is to open up a case hard Master Lock with just a plastic zip tie. He took a file on his pocket knife and cut some small grooves to get the Master Lock open in a video that has gone viral.

He also went on to say that one of his “lock-picking friends” also was able to open up a Master Lock with a bamboo BBQ skewer, a small hammer — and even a dried chicken bone.

YouTube User Opens Lock With Plastic Zip Tie
The YouTuber is encouraging viewers to submit their own “tricks” for popping open Master Locks, even suggesting — get this — a bird’s feather.

I’m sure thieves everywhere are champing at the bit after this discovery.

Do you believe this to be true? Have you tried and succeeded? What did you use?

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