Watch This Idiot Jump Onto The Back Of A Moose

The next time some innocent old-timer gets attacked by a moose while hiking in the British Colombia wilderness, he’s probably going to pick himself up and ask, “What in the hell did I do?”

You did nothing, sir. Odds are it was just payback for what this ass clown pulled off last weekend, which according to the group who uploaded this video to YouTube, could lead to harassing wildlife charges if the Conservation Officer service ever catches up to him.

Watch This Idiot Jump Onto The Back Of A Moose

There are a lot of crazy things going on there, but perhaps the craziest part of the video is that this guy has friends and a boat.

Update: These tools have been charged with 3 counts under The Wildlife Act for the following (according to the YouTube description)

• S 27(3) harass wildlife with the use of a boat;

• S 29 attempt to capture wildlife; and

• S 30 hunt big game that is swimming.

Good news.

via UPI

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