Watch This A**hole Owl Poop on Another Owl

If owls have testicles, this one has stones the size of grapefruits.

According to The Daily Dot, a pair of Russian owls were recently perched on a roof overlooking their craphole of a country when one of them became so fed up with life that he turned his ass end toward his comrade and relieved himself.

Naturally, it is quite possibly the funniest thing we have ever seen.

We’re not sure which part of the video nearly wrecked our shorts more, the fact that an owl turned and crapped on his pal then scurried away, or the recipient who made no effort to get out of the fresh batch of awfulness beneath him while he looked back and forth in utter disbelief.

It would have been much worse if the crapping owl would have been a hippo instead: 18 GIFs Showing What Happens After Eating Taco Bell