The Ballsiest Winter Sports And Where YOU Can Actually Do Them

Looking for something wild, adventurous, and slightly dangerous to do during your winter break? Try these eight epic winter sports … so long as you’re willing to sign a few waivers, and take your life into your own hands.

Hop into a tiny sled and reach speeds of up to 90mph at the Adirondack Luge Club, where 40 bones’ll buy you day access to luges, equipment and a “how to” session.

Want to up your chances of hitting an iceberg, running into a brown bear or coming face to face with a humpback whale? Expect all that and more on Alaska’s Mount Sobek tour.

If you’re looking to ski pristine, remote trails accessible only by helicopter, Whistler Heli-Skiing will drop you off in one of their 15 exclusive zones, with access to 475 different runs.

Cling to your tiny sled while a team of trained, thoroughbred Siberian Huskies race through the snowy hills of Prince George, British Columbia, where Dog Power Adventures gives you a taste of that #dogsledlife.

All that’s keeping you from plummeting is that ice pick … and the strength of the piece of ice you’re forcing it into at the Alpine Endeavors. Okay, fine, there might be a harness involved, but still — not for the vertigo-prone.

Ski-Biking is exactly that — a combination of a bike frame with two small skis in place of wheels; the front one’s controlled by the handlebars, and the back one’s controlled by the movement of your hips. You can give this sport a shot at the Winter Park Resort in Colorado.

Secure your snowboard, hook yourself up to a ginormous parachute and let the wind drag you across the frozen tundra at epic speeds at Lakwawa School of Kiteboarding in Minnesota.

Skijor enthusiasts actually strap their bodies to a horse (or two large dogs) and use animal power to move them through the icy trails. Anchorage Skijoring will help you and your big pooches get the hang of it.