20 GIFs From ‘The Simpsons’ To Use In Lieu Of A Verbal Response

Has anyone else ever noticed that there is a quote from The Simpsons for just about every life situation? As it turns out, that goes for GIFs, as well. If you spend your long workdays chatting with friends and fellow co-workers online like most of us do, here are a few perfect ways to lighten the mood without ever actually having to say anything. Well, we suppose if you’re sending GIFs instead of engaging in actual human interaction with a fellow human being, that is saying something, but that’s between you and whatever jerkass you’re shooting the breeze with. Don’t ask us how the economy works.

Simpsons GIFs To Use In Lieu Of A Verbal Response

Now, if only we’d used one of the GIFs above instead of rambling into complete Simpsons quote mishmash noncoherence with our intro, you’d have made it this far down the page. But like our good African American friend *looks at hand* Carl says from time to time…

simpsons gifs lieu verbal response

One can never have too many quotes from The Simpsons rattling around in their brain. In fact, put me down for one of each: The Greatest Quote From Every One Of Your Favorite The Simpsons Characters