The 20 Worst Band Names of All Time

Most will agree that there are a few universally recognized bad band names, such as Puddle of Mudd and Toad the Wet Sprocket. However, some lesser known, more obscure bands deserve to be exposed for their terrible names, as well. For this piece, the first step in determining the worst band names was to go through the daunting, cerebral task of reviewing all band names on Wikipedia and a few other sites. It took a full day but the bad ones jumped out pretty quick. What was left was 150 names and a need to narrow it down to the worst of the worst. So for each one, I imagined myself at a concert, standing in the middle of a crowd, excited and waiting for the next song to be played. I clap, whistle, and then yell out the name of that band. From this anecdote, you know instantly if that band name is utterly terrible or not. You mentally scratch your head and wonder if you’ve been duped, and why the hell did they agree on this name. That is exactly what occurred for the following 20 bands.

No. 20 – Half Man Half Biscuit

English rock band active since the mid-1980’s.

If their intent is nonsense, then they have succeeded.

No. 19 – The Pillows

Japanese alternative rock band formed in 1989 with 18 studio albums.

“Gonna go see The Pillows tonight, bro. They rock!” The name itself seems to be a contradiction to the rock ‘n’ roll genre it lays its head on.

No. 18 – Rapeman

American post-hardcore/noise rock band founded in 1987 and disbanded in 1989.

Just because the name comes from a comic book character does not necessarily mean it will be the right choice for a band name.

No. 17 – Some Velvet Sidewalk

Lo-fi love rock band formed in Eugene, Oregon, 1987-1997.

Is this a mashup of three other awful band names?

No. 16 – Son of Dork

British pop rock band from 2005-2008.

All they had to do was add an “a” between of and dork and it might not have of made this list.

No. 15 – pre) Thing

Nu metal band formed in beautiful Modesto, California, 2001-2004.

Remember the band Crazy Town? This was his new band, then he died of a heart attack. Sympathy does not keep this horrible band name off the list, though.

No. 14 – Default

Canadian post-grunge band, 1999-present.

If you are trying to be post-modern, okay I get it. Just remember; Default band name = default fans = default inspiration.

No. 13 – iwrestledabearonce

American metal band, 2007-present.

Taking the spaces out between words does not make those words any better.

No. 12 – OLD

Grind-core/metal based from New Jersey, 1986-2002.

Originally an acronym for Old Lady Drivers, now just OLD. When you say the name of the band, it’s like instant negativity. Why do it?

No. 11 – And Also the Trees

British post-punk band, 1979-present.

There seems to be a whole subgenre of band names made up of broken sentences. On that note, “broken sentences” would be a way better band name than this one.

No. 10 – An Horse

Two person Indie rock band from Australia, 2007-present.

Sometimes intentional incorrect English can work. However, these words in this context comes across as severely off-putting.

No. 9 – The Dinner Is Ruined

Canadian indie rock band, 1991-present.

Pretty obvious what’s going on here. When determining your band name you really need to be a little more discerning and critical when selecting one. This is a classic example of something that happens in life (a dinner being ruined), then someone says to himself, “What a brilliant band name.” With nobody to tell that human otherwise, it ends up on lists like these.

No. 8 – Lunchmeat

Post-hardcore band from D.C. 1985-1986.

[At a concert] “Lunchmeat! Lunchmeat! Lunchmeat!” Yet I’m starting to wonder, is this worse than Meatloaf?

No. 7 – Suburban Kids with Biblical Names

Swedish twee pop band, 2003-present.

Had a tough time adding this one because I kind of like the sentence itself. The problem is when you say it out loud in the context of a band name, it sounds contrived and has zero fluidity.

No. 6 – Gay Black Republican

American punk band, 2001-present.

Take two minority groups coupled with the least likely political party for said minorities to be in, and voila, there you have it, a band name is born — or just a trite formula with a terrible ring.

No. 5 – You’ve Got Foetus on Your Breath

Industrial/experimental/avant-garde Australian band, 1981-present.

Shock value was the only agenda here.

No. 4 – Accidental Goat Sodomy

Huntington Beach, California punk band, 2007-present.

92% shock, the remaining 8% perversion.

No. 3 – Escrow Tomato

Blues/pop/rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, 2005-present.

Take two words that will never go together and make that your band name. Great idea.

No. 2 – Goddamn Electric Bill

Ambient/electronica band from San Diego, California, 2004-present.

This name falls into the same category as The Dinner Is Ruined. Somebody said it out loud and thought it would be a great idea for a band name. It’s not.

No. 1 – The Albino Toilet Boys

Florida punk band, 2005-present.

52% shock plus 48% nonsensical equals 100% bad. Congrats, fellas.