12 Times Dave Grohl Proved He’s The Coolest Rocker Of All-Time

Photo: Paul Bergen/Redferns (Getty Images)

He’s the founder of a band that’s won nearly a dozen Grammys, wrote and produced five platinum records and was even the drummer of a little band named Nirvana. But his musical accomplishments are just the tip of the rock ‘n roll iceberg when it comes to what makes Dave Grohl cool.

The quintessential rocker also has the unique affability for not taking himself too seriously, yet somehow remains an innovative professional who rocks (hard). Here are just 12 reasons why Grohl is simply the coolest rocker of all-time.

He’s a family man, first and foremost.

I once saw him with his kids outside of a strip mall rotisserie chicken restaurant in Van Nuys back in 2009. It was a weekly treat after picking up his kids from school. Just a regular guy being a good dad by day (and a massive rockstar by night).

And he gave his first platinum record to his mom.

Speaking of all the platinum, when Nirvana made it big, earning their first platinum record for Nevermind, Grohl gave the framed gem to his mom, Virginia, with a personalized inscription.

He’ll be the first to admit his dumbest mistakes.

Grohl has admitted that if he knew his band would have lasted more than a month and a half, he would have named it something else saying, “It’s the dumbest band name ever.” But at the end of the day, it’s great music that makes the name, not the name that makes the great music (right, McCartney?).

He kept playing after he broke his leg mid-show.

That’s right, Grohl fell off the stage just two songs into a show in Sweden, breaking his leg, back in 2015. He came out minutes later and played the rest of the show from a chair with a doctor holding his broken leg in place. Talk about badass!

Then he toured with that broken leg on a rock ‘n roll throne.

Yup, that happened. Grohl had a custom-made rock throne made so that he could jam while sitting for the rest of the tour. Only Dave!

Then Grohl did this: Foo Fighters Prank Swedish Crowd By Having Fake Dave Grohl Fall Off Stage

He’s both the master and a student.

Bringing a kid with KISS makeup on stage to play “Monkey Wrench” and watching him shred better than you (and loving it?) proves Dave is as humble as he is talented, both the master and the student.

Dave mouthed the guitar solo to ‘Stairway To Heaven’ on live TV.

Never afraid to break the mold. You have to be a comedic genius, a talented man and a bit of a certified whacko to pull this off. Very few men can toe the line of all three so gracefully.

Another amazing moment: Foo Fighters ‘Rick Roll’ Entire Concert Crowd With Rick Astley Himself

He’s never done cocaine (despite The Rock ‘n Roll Handbook).

We might have Kurt Cobain to partially thank for that, but Grohl has said time and again, “I love music, and I love my life.”

He’s a comedian to boot (Have you seen his Walken impression?).

Seriously, a perfect impression. Hilarious.

Dave casually attends open mic nights with Swift and McCartney. 

Taylor bailed him out at a party, and he’s not afraid to admit it. Let’s talk about how he’s partying with McCartney!

He refuses to call himself a rockstar.

“Any fucking rockstar who calls himself a rockstar is a complete asshole. I just can’t do that.” Spoken like a true rockstar.

And, last but not least, he doesn’t put up with any BS at his shows.

Remember when he stopped the show to kick some fan out for fighting? “You don’t fight at my show, asshole.”

Just dance, foos.


Josh Helmuth is a St. Louis sports reporter who’s go-to marathon training songs include “Run” and “Monkey Wrench.”