This Japanese Band Has An ‘Awful Pop Song’ Punk Fans May Dig

If there were ever a time to truly ask a band how they chose their name, si, irene would be it. The Japanese indie rockers are mysterious in many ways. But we’re here to talk about their latest EP, BEES, so I digress.

Their ‘post-punk,’ ‘alternative’ labels certainly fit considering they sound similar to the likes of Death Cab For Cutie and The National. Although they have catchy, bright riffs with irreverent lyrics, the Tokyo rockers are certainly more artistic than pop.

The signature track off BEES, “Awful Pop Song” showcases those bright tones with a great guitar riff that makes you want to bust out your hottest hipster flannel.

While I would like to hear more harmony and background vocals, I do like the sound of Reed David’s voice — although with two first names I’m not sure if it’s ‘Reed David’ on purpose, carrying the Japanese tradition where the sir name comes first OR simply David Reed. The band does contest they are “dedicated to answering the big questions,” after all.

I appreciate the fact this band is willing to experiment and still sound fresh. Kinoshita Akihito is also masterful on the six-string. The guitar riffs on “Indispensable Physiological Function In A Living Body” are hypnotic and memorable.

BEES is a good listen for anyone into alternative, up-beat rock who wants to hear something out of the ordinary. And at the end of the day isn’t that what all bands are trying to do? Stand out? Do something different?

Check out the EP on Spotify here. You can also listen to BEES on Bandcamp here.