Can Alt-Rock Make A Comeback? ‘Astral Cloud Ashes’ Is Another Noble Effort

I’m old enough to remember when playing on Warped Tour meant something. When pop punk was a mainstay on the radio. And when a rock band could sell a record and actually make money.

As a rock fan, can we ever get back to those days? Possibly not entirely. But with the industry in constant flux, it’s certainly feasible there’s somewhat of a rock comeback on the horizon: whether it be pop, indie, punk or emo, it doesn’t matter. We need more guitars on our radios, news feeds and teen dramas on ABC Family.

Astral Cloud Ashes is one of those self-project bands who are doing their best to start making waves on a very small budget. With The Pixies as influences, the alternative, indie-rock sound self-made by Antony Walker (guitar, vocals, bass, drums) and Jason Neil (backup vocals, rhythm guitar) is a solid throwback to the previous decade; In my opinion, it’s Death Cab For Cutie meets Weezer.

It’s emo. It’s also — dare I say — music to this pop-punk fan’s ears.

It kind of makes you wonder what this band could accomplish with a bigger budget and with more members. If they could grow with not only their sound but into a live stage presence, Astral Cloud Ashes is the type of project that could grow into something special. I’m certainly rooting for them. Punk, emo, indie — all rock music — needs some positive momentum.

Josh Helmuth is the editor for Crave Sports and a longtime music lover whose first record was Eric Clapton. However, his first concert? That choice he will take to the grave. 

Listen to Moonphase Bloom by Astral Cloud Ashes here.