Exclusive Preview | ‘Rocket Raccoon & Groot’ # 9

There’s a second Civil War currently happening between Marvel’s superhero community. The battle for the future is on, but Rocket Raccoon and Groot could barely care less!

The Guardians of the Galaxy are here on Earth for the duration of Civil War II, but Rocket and Groot aren’t going to let that get in the way of their side business as bounty hunters!

Rocket and Groot blew off an alien invasion so that Rocket could get a little payback on a fugitive known as Chammy, an interstellar fugitive who is infamous for his baby powder-powered spaceship! But our titular duo isn’t the only force on Chammy’s trail. In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Rocket Raccoon & Groot # 9, GwenPool makes her presence known and offers to form a temporary truce with them…right after she’s done recapping the previous issue. Don’t be fooled. She’s no Gwen Stacy, she’s just Gwen Crazy!

For # 9, writer Nick Kocher is joined by artist Michael Walsh, colorist Michael Garland, and cover artist David Lopez, who is apparently giving Marvel an homage to the classic Gone with the Wind movie poster.Here’s Marvel’s description of the issue, with the puns fully intact.:

“We don’t mean to be carpet-braggers, but you’ll have to (Ulysses S.) grant that these are the best issues of the entire event! When Rocket, Groot, and Gwenpool all go after the same bounty in Georgia, the results are antebellum-believable! Get-tysburg as many copies as you can!”

Rocket Raccoon & Groot # 9 will be available in comic shops everywhere on Wednesday, September 14.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Marvel Comics