Riot Fest Playlist | Black Foxxes Get You Ready To Riot

The Black Foxxes are gonna be rocking out at this year’s Riot Fest (Sat. 4pm at Rebel Stage), but don’t be surprised to see the UK trio in the audience with you singing-along to some of their favorite bands as well. 

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The Black Foxxes released their debut full-length I’m Not Well in August and have built up their own devoted following with their wailing vocals, blistering riffs and crispy choruses which you can see/hear in full effect in the “Whatever Lets You Cope” music video. 

We asked drummer, Ant Thorton, via email to make a Riot List playlist featuring the bands they’re most excited to check out this weekend in Chicago.

Brand New

This is my favorite band in the entire world. I’ve seen them live countless times and it never gets old. I remember the first time I saw them live back in 2006/07 with an ex girl friend, I came away so driven and inspired.

Favorite song – “You Won’t Know”


Because Glassjaw… They’re truly unique. I think what turned me onto this band was their early 00s warped tour set. It’s a young band absolutely killing.

Favorite song  – “Ape Dos Mill”

Bob Mould

Very much into everything he’s done, a serious inspiration. I only became aware of Bob from the Foo Fighters documentary a few years ago but since then I’ve discovered his amazing library of work. 

Favorite song – “The Descent”

Billy Talent

Haven’t seen the band play for ten years so it will be a beautiful trip down memory lane. I first saw the video for Try Honesty on mtv2 while I was still at school! Was so fresh and I couldn’t wait to hear more from this band.

Favorite song – “Surrenderer”

Motion City Soundtrack

For those old school vibes. Band rips. An ex girl friend ten years ago showed me Mary Without Sound and it floored me. We managed to see them at Earl’s Court in London, UK for the give it a name festival and it was great!

Favorite song – “Mary Without Sound”

If you can’t catch Black Foxxes at Riot Fest, they will be in Los Angeles at Viper Room on September 20 and the Satellite on September 21. For more information on the band go to their website


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