Recap | Morrissey Takes The High Road on Day 2 of Riot Fest

Day 2 at Riot Fest was filled with another line up of clingers as bands took to the six stages lining Douglas Park on Chicago’s southwest side. Attendees filled the area, mostly coming in on Ubers or bikes (the few gluttons for punishment in cars) as local neighborhood homeowners sold parking passes for unrestricted parking streets. In all fairness, can you blame them? For three days out of the year, the entire area gets overwhelmed with approximately 160k fans. Fortunately for 2016, the weather held off, and it looks like the park made it through respectively unscathed.

One of the toughest decisions to make in the day was whether to check out Brand New, or who Brand New recommended you check out, The Descendents. We made it to both. Other favorites included The Hives, the most dapper dressed guys on the scene (as expected), Method Man & Redman who took us into dusk, and the unexpectedly really impressive, Death Cab for Cutie.

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But of course, the final show of the night was the one most sought after – Morrissey taking the stage. Of course, he didn’t do so until after showing a thirty-minute montage of… stuff. To all those back to back fans who attended last year, I would like to take a second to remind you that Snoop Dogg showed up 45 minutes late for his set, and then rallied the audience to complain as he was going to be ‘kicked off.’ And it worked. Meanwhile, 365 days later, Morrissey – who apparently does this to weed out the inauthentic fans, received extensive trash talk.

Maybe the fans were just hungry. After all, Morrissey required that during his set, for 2 hours, no meat be sold at the festival. We applaud him. Requiring action for what you stand for isn’t any easy feat. But when you’re Morrissey, you get to do just that. He’s earned the right to demand change. The fact that people were surprised by this behavior from him was honestly quite surprising.

All Photos: Derek Georgevich


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