Watch Two Preview Scenes From Amazon’s ‘The Tick’

15 years ago, Ben Edlund’s cult comedy superhero series The Tick made the leap to live-action…and it was promptly canceled by Fox after only a handful of episodes. Next month, Amazon is giving The Tick a second chance to make it on television as part of its pilot program, and now we’ve got our first look at the series!

Entertainment Weekly has posted two preview scenes from The Tick pilot which demonstrates the tone of this new take. Peter Serafinowicz’s title character is still as clueless as ever, but this Tick lives in a slightly more serious world. He may not take the bad guys seriously, but he does casually dish out some unexpectedly hilarious harsh justice. Perhaps he just doesn’t realize how strong he is!

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The second clip takes place shortly after the first preview, as the Tick attempts to convince Arthur (Griffin Newman) to join his crusade against crime. Apparently, he also believes that Arthur is secretly a superhero whose hideout is simply hidden beneath his ordinary apartment.

The Tick‘s creator, Ben Edlund went on to a long career in TV, and he is one of the executive producers of the new series. Valorie Curry co-stars in the pilot as Arthur’s sister Dot while Brendan Hines portrays Superian. 

Amazon has posted the pilot episode, so members of Amazon Prime will determine whether The Tick goes to series. But based on these clips, we’re pulling for it! 

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Photo Credit: Amazon Studios