Metal Gear Survive Receives Brutal Reception as Fans Slam Konami

Metal Gear Survive has been announced and we’re sufficiently confused right now. While we weren’t sure of what to expect from Konami’s take on the Metal Gear series following the departure of its creator Hideo Kojima, we certainly weren’t prepared for a co-op zombie survival game. It turns out that we aren’t the only ones who have been left scratching our collective heads, as Metal Gear fans are furious over the new creative direction for the series. 

Although Metal Gear Survive is a spin-off from the mainline MGS series, with the press release we received describing it “as a new addition to the Metal Gear Solid V experience” rather than a standalone game, that hasn’t prevented people from slating the brand new trailer online. 

The Gamescom 2016 trailer, which you can view below, currently sits at just under 14,000 dislikes compared to 1,742 likes, with it having been viewed 156,000 times since going online early this morning. The top rated comment on the video reads: “Vote with your money, not just with Youtube votes. Not buying this game will send a clearer message to Konami than a million dislikes ever could.”

The unofficial Metal Gear subreddit has been equally as harsh about the new trailer, with one commenter writing: “…Metal Gear Zombies. Really. I didn’t think Konami would fuck us worse than the damn MGS3 remaster pachinko machine. I was wrong.” Another commenter added: “Let me be the first to say. What the fuck was that!? This is what Konami has been doing? This does not appeal whatsoever.

It’s comes as no surprise that Metal Gear Survive has attracted such widespread criticism. With Kojima having left Konami in controversial circumstances, many were already skeptical that the publisher was going to continue creating games under the Metal Gear license. There’s a lot riding on the company’s next Metal Gear project, then, to knock it out of the park and convince fans of the series that they should continue being emotionally invested in Metal Gear even in a post-Kojima world.

Unfortunately, the game’s debut trailer fails its mission in that regard, with its introduction of zombies falling on deaf ears. Though Konami have stated that it will provide a “fresh take” on Metal Gear‘s stealth mechanics, it’s difficult to look past the fact that this debut trailer looks like it’s been pulled from just another dull zombie game, rather than the next entry in the Metal Gear franchise.