Mads Mikkelsen is Probably in Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding

Mads Mikkelsen is probably set to appear in Hideo Kojima’s upcoming video game Death Stranding, with a bunch of evidence appearing online linking the actor to the mysterious upcoming release from the Metal Gear series creator.

Kojima posted the following tweet on the weekend, which seemingly included a behind-the-scenes photograph of Death Stranding.

On the same day a fan of Mikkelsen’s posted the below image on Instagram, with the Hannibal actor seemingly wearing the same hooded jacket as the man depicted in Kojima’s tweet:


A photo posted by Jonny Erskine (@jmerskine1) on

In the comments of the photo, the fan wrote that Mikkelsen informed him that he was in London in order to work on a video game. Another photo of Mikkelsen appearing during a talk in London also surfaced on Twitter.

Hideo Kojima has previously branded Mads Mikkelsen his “favorite actor,” lending this pretty solid rumor even more credibility:

If true then Mikkelsen will be appearing alongside The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus in the game, who is seemingly set to take on the role of the sci-fi game’s protagonist. There is no word yet on which character Mikkelsen will portray