Someone Wrote A Post 9/11 Episode Of ‘Seinfeld’ And It’s Kind Of Amazing

If you’re anything like us here at Crave HQ, you would give your left leg and first born child for more episodes of Seinfeld.

Well, unfortunately,that is never going to happen (outside of Curb Your Enthusiasm), but we have the next best thing: a spec script for an episode of the show set in the aftermath of September 11. I kid you not.

Written by comedian and writer Billy Domineau – best know for contributing jokes to SNL’s Weekend Update and his stint writing for Onion Network News – the script reads as if it came out of Larry David‘s own brain.

The characters are pitch perfect, with everything from Elaine being upset her over-animated boyfriend survived the tragedy to Jerry being grossed out by the dust that’s settled over the city, perfectly placing the characters and their neuroses front and center.

Featuring fan favorite side characters such as Newman, Uncle Leo, George Steinbrenner and Mr and Mrs Constanza, this is very much the Seinfeld script we’ve all been waiting for. And yes, Jackie Chiles also appears.

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Domineau told Sean McCarthy of The Comic’s Comic the idea to write the script came to him when he “was helping someone write a sketch a few months back and told them theirs needed to be an exercise in bad taste. “Like imagine if there was a 9/11 episode of Seinfeld…wait a minute.”

And the rest is history. You can read the script for yourself here.