‘Gingers Do Have Souls’ YouTube Star Comes Out As Transgender In Powerful Post

YouTuber and remarkable youth CopperCab showed crazy levels of guts back in 2010, shutting down South Park’s ginger bullying butterfly effect with the Gingers Do Have Souls video many have us have already seen. Well, as if there wasn’t enough of a reason to fucking love this person, CopperCrab has today taken to YouTube to come out as Transgender. 

Rising to public attention as Mitchell Kittrell, we will now, hopefully, be getting regular video updates from the lovely Claire Kittrell. Who, just like in 2010, is aware that you’ll think things, but really DGAF what they might be.

In the post, Claire explains that she’s not going to go through another year “pretending to be someone else,” looking her followers straight in the eye as she comes out.  It’s absolutely heartbreaking to hear that in 2016, people going through this still need to justify things, as Claire continues.

“I don’t care if you call me ugly, if you call me a ‘tranny’, if you call me names, if you want to pick on me then that’s fine – but I’m going to be myself, whether you can accept that or not.”

Claire reveals that the reason behind her 5-month absence was due to Hormone Replacement Therapy. As per the post, she struggled with the idea of going public, let alone returning to YouTube at all.

While teary eyed and clearly nervous, Claire nails her monologue which is both inspiring and heartbreaking. “This is me…My name is Claire and this is the beginning of my life. Wish me luck,” she concludes, proving she’s totally got this all under control. 

You can watch the whole video here, it’s the best thing you’ll see all day: