MMA Fighter Throws Pokeball at Opponent After Knocking Him Out

MMA fighter Michael Page had a pretty unique way of celebrating his victory at Bellator 158, with the charismatic star throwing a Pokeball at his opponent after knocking him unconscious. 

Welterweight fighter Page, who has become known for his showboating in the octagon, hit Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos with a flying knee, knocking his opponent to the mat and immediately earning the victory. However, it was Page’s actions after the sensational KO blow that have generated the most attention, with him then proceeding to don an Ash Ketchum style hat before throwing a Pokeball at the floored Cyborg. He then celebrated by throwing up the peace sign.

You can check out the hilarious moment in the tweet below:

Judging by this celebration we’d wager that Michael Page is a fan of Pokemon Go. Then again, who isn’t these days?


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