Countdown to Comic-Con 2016 | The Top Five Comics Panels

Comic-Con has the word “comic” in it for a reason. The biggest publishers, writers and artists are all going to be on hand at Comic-Con 2016 to talk to fans, sign awesome books and preview some of the coolest storylines they have planned for the future.

And of course, since Comic-Con is bigger than Ego the Living Planet (or at least it seems that way), there’s just no way to see it all. Fortunately, Jenna Busch is here with our picks for the top five must see comics panels at Comic-Con 2016! It’s a year full of huge events from Marvel, DC, Image, Star Wars and more, and you’re going to want to watch this exclusive video to find out what the most important panels are going to be.

Check it out below, and keep coming back for more Comic-Con previews and ongoing coverage at Crave!

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Top Photo: CraveOnline / Marvel