Pro Baseball Team Signs Two Women

The Sonoma Stompers, an independent minor league baseball team in California, have made history by signing two female players, becoming the first pr0 co-ed team since the 1950s.

When the team takes the field against the San Rafael Pacifics Friday night, part of their lineup will include 17-year-old outfielder Kelsie Whitmore and 25-year-old pitcher Stacy Piagno. Both are complete stars who will play for Team USA in September’s Women’s Baseball World Cup.

Is this a move for publicity? Of course. But it’s still great to see women get an opportunity to play with the big boys. Plus, the team claims this roster move isn’t just a one-day event.


“This isn’t a one-day event,” Stompers general manager Theo Fightmaster told “That’s been done a dozen times. Let’s give women a chance to be part of a team, let’s give women a chance to play against men. What will they learn? What have they not been coached because they haven’t had the same coaching as boys? I remember being really disappointed with my sister’s coaches because they coached the girls a lot different than how I was coached.”

The Stompers are used to making news. They celebrated LGBTQ night last year by moving openly gay player Sean Conroy from the bullpen to the rotation while his teammates wore rainbow-colored socks and armbands in support.


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Photo: Twitter: @Womens_Baseball