Watch the Nintendo E3 2016 Presentation Right Here

The Nintendo E3 2016 presentation will take place today, with the company set to reveal plenty more about its upcoming The Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U and NX, along with maybe a few more surprises (if we’re lucky).

Though the company has already announced that the NX console won’t be revealed during the presentation, which is set to take place in their Nintendo Treehouse, those looking forward to seeing more footage from The Legend of Zelda will want to tune in as they will be going into great detail regarding the upcoming game. 

With the Sony and Microsoft press conferences having both contained very impressive and exciting announcements, I’m curious to see how Nintendo will respond at this critical point in the company’s life. With the Wii U having underperformed and so much riding on the success of the NX, it’s curious that they haven’t decided to use the platform of E3 2016 to debut their new hardware, but maybe the reasoning behind that will become apparent during this presentation.

You can watch the Nintendo E3 2016 presentation below starting at 9am PDT.

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