Hey Singles, Look Out For ‘Zombie Bots’ This Valentine’s Day!

Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Hey, it’s completely OK to admit that you’re single, but it is not OK to be tricked by “zombie bots,” which will be out in full-force this Valentine’s Day.

According to IBM, six million “zombie bots” will be set loose on unsuspecting single people looking for love on this love holiday. IBM’s X-Force says that since January 16, US email in-boxes have been filled with 230 million dating-spam messages. And what does that mean? A ton of viruses for you.

“Preying on seasonal trends is probably the top characteristic of e-mail spam,” X-Force said in a statement. “Those behind this campaign will likely lure their victims to share revealing photos and extort them, ask for money to come visit or end up infecting them with malware.”

And we can all blame a botnet called Necurs for this headache. Necurs’ current campaign of course feature “Russian women” who say they are currently living in America and that they “found” their victim on Facebook. And if you’re insane enough to believe any of that then of course you will most likely get a big old virus.

Let’s be honest here: I don’t know anyone who would actually fall for this, but apparently there are people out there lonely enough to actually think some random Russian gal “wants to get to know you more.” If you’re out sending nudes to random strangers, chances are you can expect to be blackmailed.

So if you’re single this Valentine’s Day just do what normal people do and get drunk.

h/t NY Post

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