This Teen Millionaire Says It’s Your Own Damn Fault If You Don’t Become A Millionaire

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Then again, I wonder if this is one of those kids who enjoys popping his collar. My gut tells me yes.

Let’s all talk about 19-year-old Erik Finman. Finman is a Bitcoin investor and a millionaire, who is now saying that if you’re not reeling in millions ten years from now you have no one to blame but yourself. Finman was able to get his millions after his grandmother gave him $1,245 to invest, which he has since turned into roughly $1.5 million in bitcoin. That’s right, bitcoin, the thing you still have no idea just what in the hell it is.

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Here’s what Finman had to say to Business Insider:

“If you are smart about cryptocurrency over the next 10 years, many people can build their fortunes even better than before. The area is still relatively small; the market capitalization is just over half a trillion dollars. I do not want to be misunderstood: This is, of course, a very high amount, but in comparison to other asset classes, it’s small. Therefore, I say if you do not become a millionaire in the next 10 years, then it’s your own fault.

New business models and innovations are still emerging in this area, and therefore, there are many investment opportunities. It’s a new kind of gold fever, or a new kind of Silicon Valley — there are really plenty of opportunities.”

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Finman also wants to make sure that everyone knows that he isn’t worried even though cryptocurrencies is falling across the board. Here’s what he add to add:

“The advance of cryptocurrencies is unstoppable. A single crash does not change that. People will continue to invest in it and become increasingly emotionally connected with digital currencies.”

Judging by the photos that this dude shares on his Instagram, it’s hard not to clench your fist, but with that said, he is a young lad who managed to invest properly and now makes a hell of a lot more money than you or I. So if you’re on the fence about bitcoins, perhaps you should head out there and see if you can reel in the same success!

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