Priyanka Chopra: Indian Beauty You Can’t Resist

Photo: Noam Galai (Getty Images)

You don’t have to be a fan of Bollywood movies to be absolutely enchanted by the beauty of Priyanka Chopra, one of India’s most beautiful actresses, singers, and philanthropists. In 2000, when she was just 18, she won the Miss World 2000 pageant and became an international star. She’s starred in numerous Bollywood movies but it’s her role on the ABC’s Quantico that truly introduced her to the rest of the world. In case you still don’t know who we’re talking about, here’s a selection of some of her most interesting Instagram photos. There’s no doubt that Priyanka will become one of your favorite actresses after this article.

Pack Light


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You might think that a beautiful girl like Priyanka never goes anywhere without a ton of makeup and beauty products but you’d be surprised. In fact, the only thing she packs when she goes on a trip is her little dog. That is all the luggage she needs. You can see by the bored look on the dog’s face that he is not really enjoying himself on this road trip. It seems that Priyanka is actually trying to introduce a new phrase to the English language – “letting the dog out the bag.” So far, she’s not doing so great.

Singing Career


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At the very start, we mentioned Priyanka’s singing career, but we got the feeling that you didn’t believe us. Well, here’s the proof. There she is on the stage and you can quite clearly see the microphone in her hand. What more proof do you need? We don’t know, however, why she’s wearing a camouflage dress. The most important question here is – where could she hide with that red-white camouflage? In a forest full of Canadian flags?

Famous Priyanka


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To anyone out there who says that Priyanka isn’t famous, she just sends this glorious picture. As you can see, in the photo, she’s posing with James Bond actor himself, Daniel Craig and… well, herself? OK, this is a bit weird. Are there two Priyankas? Which one is real and which one isn’t? Either way, there’s nothing wrong with living in a world with two of them. One such beauty simply isn’t enough.

Gym Problems


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The worst thing about starting the gym is that everyone there is in much better shape than you. Even the beautiful Priyanka Chopra can’t escape that horrible gym initiation process. You can see in this photo that she’s trying really hard to keep a smile on her face while everyone around her is complacently showing off their abs. What she doesn’t realize is that we love her with and without abs.

Computer Love


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If there’s one thing in her life that Priyanka absolutely adores, it’s her PC. She would do anything for her little computer and even goes through the trouble of celebrating its birthday every year. She went through the trouble of setting up and lighting all these candles on a remote beach just to show her PC how much she loves it. It’s this kind of love that will eventually trigger Skynet.

Priyanka in Action


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In the end, just in case you’ve forgotten how hot Priyanka actually is, here’s a short scene from her show Quantico. You don’t even need any context regarding the show. Simply enjoy what you’re seeing.

Is Priyanka one of your favorite actresses and, if not, what’s wrong with you?