Flume’s Album Designer Is Fine With Apple’s New ‘Skin’-Esque iOS Wallpapers

The designer responsible for the artwork on Aussie producer Flume’s 2016 album Skin says Apple hasn’t stolen anything from him with its new (and very Skin-esque) iOS wallpapers.

Earlier this week, just days out from its upcoming iPhone 8 announcement, a new version of Apple’s forthcoming iOS 11 software was leaked. Within the new version of iOS were a bunch of never-before-seen wallpapers, including some with plants set against two-tone backgrounds.

The internet immediately spotted some pretty obvious similarities between those wallpapers and the cover of Skin

…but while the similarities are striking, Flume’s Skin cover designer Jonathan Zawada says he isn’t fussed by Apple’s new wallpapers, which he says he had no hand in designing.

“To my knowledge they might be the work of the photographer Erwan Frotin, but I couldn’t say for sure,” Zawada tells Crave Australia.

“There’s a long history of floral photography, and shooting them against colours isn’t anything new, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were by someone else either.”

Zawada says that despite the similarities between his work with Flume and Apple’s new wallpapers, the tech giant hasn’t copied his work.

“Honestly, the world is big enough that I wouldn’t even be surprised if whoever did them wasn’t aware of the existence of the Flume cover,” he says.

Flume is yet to publicly comment on the similarities between Apple’s wallpapers and Zawada’s work.

Meanwhile, Apple’s upcoming keynote will take place at the newly-opened Steve Jobs Theater on Wednesday morning Australian time Wednesday, 13th September, and is expected to include announcement about new iPhones, Apple Watches and a 4K TV.