There’s A Few Things Wrong With Taylor Swift

Man, Taylor Swift is cute, isn’t she? All hot legs and her Holy Grail-like quest for love. But mostly the legs. You know what’s not cute? Her 2014 MTV VMAs performance of “Shake It Off” with her vocals isolated. Christ. Instead of moving in across the street from 17-year old Kennedy boys, maybe she should, I don’t know, move in across the street from a vocal coach. Scratch that. Ask the vocal coach if she has a spare bedroom then move into that. If you’re busy, I can look around Craigslist and shoot you some links.


 Also, attended an award show, and every time she does, it just further explains why she can’t keep a man. Because at award shows, Taylor Swift dances. Here’s a Vine of Taylor Swift dancing last night. Now imagine that naked. It’d be like fucking a epileptic on a waterbed.