Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone



So here we are, my friends. Our 7th Thanksgiving together. I'd like to give thanks for all of you who continue to read this site even though I struggle with basic grammar and have yet to use spellcheck. But hey, at least it's not smallpox. That was a bummer when that happened. I hope all of you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with plenty of food while ignoring your families. Especially your weird cousin who keeps looking at your ass. Anybody else see that? What's up with that guy? As you're pouring another drink, be sure to pause for a moment to give thanks for everything you have before you go to Target at 4am to slit somebody's throat for the last XBox One. As for me, I won't be wearing a shirt for the remainder of the week because I am culturally obligated to do so. Hopefully I won't get poisoned or slaughtered, because that would give me the sads. So anyway, let's all meet back here on Monday morning bright and early with the that hope this Thanksgiving doesn't end with any genocide, forced relocation, theft of any land, or mass rapes. Let it be, as it has always been, a misinformation campaign and an inculcated propaganda used to get you drunk enough to think Black Friday is a good idea.