So A Lingerie Company Released ‘Harry Potter’ And Disney-Inspired Lingerie

Photo: Instagram/Yandy

If the pizza bikini wasn’t exactly up your alley, perhaps you’ll prefer going down the lingerie route. And if you’re a big “Harry Potter” or Disney fan then this type of lingerie will be perfect for you. Let us explain.

Yandy, an internet underwear company has decided to go right ahead and launch a range of sexy lingerie based on Disney and comic book favorites. I’m talking about lingerie inspired by “Harry Potter” to Aladdin to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and more. Why? Because people apparently love Disney and “Harry Potter” so much they want to bring it into the bedroom.

Let’s first kick it off with the Potter lingerie that you ladies can get for $43. Take a look at it below thanks to the Yandy Instagram.

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Well then, here’s another look.

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Or perhaps you’d prefer the Aladdin lingerie.

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And if those aren’t for you, take a look at these now.

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I hope Walt is proud.

h/t NY Daily News

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