This Chick Says She’ll Release Her Sex Tape If She Hits One Million YouTube Subscribers

Screenshot: YouTube

This is our society now. Hold on to your butts, people.

YouTube truly is a glorious invention, even though it is responsible for a lot of nights of me staying up until 3am watching random videos. But with as many funny videos, hot girls and twerking as there is, one thing that a lot of YouTubers are interested in are subscribers. And while some just put out content in order to reel in subscribers, one YouTuber is pretty much telling everyone that you’ll get to see her goods and much more if you subscribe to her channel. Let us explain.

YouTuber Lena the Plug must really, really want some new subscribers, because she has just revealed that if she reaches one million of them she will release her sex tape. Yes, this is how much subscribers mean to her. Lena had 32,000 before her “big announcement,” and now she currently sits at about 244,000.

But there is more to it, too. Her partner, Adam Grandmaison, who is also a YouTuber and a tool, must also reach a million subs. — and he currently sits at 400,000.

Take a look at the video below to hear Lena talk about all this. all while showcasing her goods, because you know, subscribers.

We sure are living in a shit generation, but hey, it is what it is. And this gal really just wants more subscribers for some reason.

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Good luck, Lena. Keep reaching for those stars.

h/t The Hook Mag

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