10 Funny Videos Starring Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is one of the best-loved cartoons on YouTube. It’s not hard to guess why Simon’s Cat has over 266 million views for the series and close to 1 million subscribers: the clips are short, regularly hilarious and always about cats. It’s internet catnip, so to speak. Here are 10 funny videos starring Simon’s Cat:


“Cat & Mouse”

This is my life.


“Shelf Life”

If that stuff didn’t want to be broken, then why was it making Simon’s Cat so hungry?


“Lunch Break”

That went well.


“Window Pain”

He’s only trying to not help!


“TV Dinner”

The winner is still Team Cat.


“Hidden Treasure”

That actually goes on for another 8 minutes.


“Hot Spot”

The cat way cooler than some stupid book.


“Sticky Tape”

The tape always wins.


“The Box”

I wonder if Simon knows Maru.


“Let Me In!”

Look at us all you want, Simon. We can’t help you.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!